Wrinkle & Dermal Fillers                                     



What are Wrinkle Filler Injections? .

Dermal fillers, also known at Anti-Wrinkle Fillers, are a fast and effective treatment designed to soften lines and creases.  They temporarily smooth and improve your face to  a more youthful appearance. 

Common areas to treat are

•   Frown lines between the eyebrows
•   Crow’s feet
•   Lines around the eyes
•   Horizontal forehead wrinkles
•   Smoker’s lines and mouth ageing
•   Lip enhancement (Paris Lip)
•   Acne scarring
•   Cheek dimples and creases
•   Nasal labial lines



The best deep wrinkle treatment is Dermal Fillers . They are used to help restore volume or structure to the skin. Facial injections are used to treat the area with a longer lasting material.  

Treatments usually have minimal downtime. Suitable for men and women.  Treatment last longer than wrinkle relaxers.  The estimated time is 

9-12mths.  It is reversible too which gives you peace of mind. Generally small amounts are placed with a follow up appointment to add more if need be.  

How long will my recovery be and what can I expect?

Recovery is immediate. There may be some redness and slight needle-prick marks, but they usually disappear within a few minutes. Ladies can re-apply make-up immediately. On the rare occasion there is slight bruising that will last for a few days, but make-up will easily mask this.

You will not see the results of the procedure fairly instantaneous.  Fillers for the face are becoming more popular. As we age, we loose volume of the face, particularly the cheek area (cheek enhancing).

The active ingredient is not absorbed or passed through the blood, and it is no longer present or active in the body an hour after performing the deep wrinkle injection.

Chin and Cheek Enhancing - Replacing the Loss Volume and Filling Larger Wrinkle Lines

Why would you enhancing your chin and cheeks?

It gives them more volume which makes your face
show that youthfulness. Thin, tired skin can speak volumes about a person's age. Signs of aging like
sunken cheeks or a sagging chin can add years to a person's face. These signs are treated with a
volumising filler which is injected to plump up the cheeks and chin.

Full cheeks are a key marker of youth. Age-related volume loss can cause the face to lose definition,
balance and change shape, all of which can make a person appear older than their years.
We all age differently and our skin may deflate (lose fullness or volume), descend (droop or sag) or
both. The mid-face is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging – as we lose facial volume,
cheeks deflate and descend. By enhancing the cheeks and chin - your face lift upwards and look
more refreshed.